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  • Love 'ED' is part of my UPLIFTING emotion set and is a tool to encourage kids and adults to develop more positive emotions.  In this case, the positive emotion will be about LOVE.


    ​How does an UPLIFTING ED work?
    Place the ED somewhere where it will trigger a reminder of the positive emotion you are focused on developing. 

    ​When you see the ED, take a moment to connect with the feeling and action around LOVE.


    Each ED comes with:

    • An 'I'm having an ED' Emotion List Card
    • A 'How To' guide to using the ED to create more awareness around the positive emotion


    ​This ED is a limited seasonal ED that will be available until February 14.

    Each ED is handmade with love by ME and 50% of my profits will be donated to the charity I support, called Sewing Seeds

    Love Drop