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  • Giving 'ED' is part of my UPLIFTING emotion set and is a tool to encourage kids and adults to develop more positive emotions.  In this case, the positive emotion will be about GIVING.


    ​How does an UPLIFTING ED work?
    Place the ED somewhere where it will trigger a reminder of the positive emotion you are focused on developing. 

    ​When you see the ED, take a moment to connect with the feeling and action around GIVING or challenge yourself to think about something you receive from people that you appreciate.  Think about the items that are not bought such as acts of friendship, support, and kindness. 


    Each ED comes with:

    • An 'I'm having a Giving ED' Emotion List Card
    • A 'How To' guide to using the ED to create more awareness around the positive emotion


    ​This ED is a limited seasonal ED that will be available until December 31.

    Each ED is handmade with love by ME and 50% of my profits will be donated to the charity I support, called Sewing Seeds

    Giving Emotion Drop -- Christmas ED