A little bit about me... well to start with, I love bacon, moustaches, and of course, sewing!

I created Sew-Awesome in 2015 when I was 10.  I wanted to use my passion and creativity with sewing to raise money to buy sewing equipment for girls in developing countries.  I have been able to do this through the charity I support called Sewing Seeds.  I have travelled with Sewing Seeds to their sewing school in Mexico and have donated the equivalent of 4 sewing machines to their programs.  My goal is to donate the equivalent of 10 machines and join the Sewing Seeds teaching team again in 2021 to teach women how to sew at one of their schools. 

For every dollar I make with my sewing, I donate 50% of my profits to help purchase sewing equipment for women in developing countries. 

In March, when asked to stay home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, my Mom and I talked about how we could support our health care workers.  My Mom is great at organizing and thought she could support sewers, like me, to use our skills to make masks and caps for those who are vulnerable.  We created the Sew Awesome Community and are touched to be apart of a group of such incredibly dedicated, giving volunteers.


Thanks for your support.



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