A little bit about me... well, to start with, I love bacon, moustaches, and of course, sewing! 

I created Sew-Awesome in 2015 when I was 10.  Originally I wanted to use my passion and creativity with sewing to raise money to buy sewing equipment for girls in developing countries.  Buying equipment is still my main goal, but I would also like Sew Awesome to be a place where people come together to help. 


I want others to feel empowered around their ability to make positive change through small steps. 

The main charity I support is called Sewing Seeds.   My goal is to donate the equivalent of 10 machines to their sewing programs and to get the opportunity to visit these schools to help teach sewing to other girls. I achieved one of these goals in 2019 when I travelled with Sewing Seeds to their school in Mexico. In Mexico, I was able to donate a machine to a local Women's Shelter, and in January 2020, I helped to buy three more sewing machines for a new school that opened in Guatemala.    

Ella at the Sewing School

This last year I began to help make masks and caps to donate to health care workers and vulnerable community members. One organization that we were able to help was a local Women's Resource Society, called Atira. Atira has a great initiative called Enterprising Women Making Art (EWMA), where they help to support women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to earn extra income through selling their handmade goods. The centre has some equipment, but my goal is to raise $2000 to purchase two sergers and additional equipment and materials needed for the program.  I am also excited to work with EWMA in the future to help with teaching sewing to their participants.  

For every dollar I make with my sewing, I donate 50% of my profits to help

purchase sewing equipment that will create opportunity and positive change.