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When I was younger, I crafted and sold items online for non-profit fundraising. However, in my final years of high school, academic demands and managing grief from my Dad’s passing limited my availability for charity work. Rather than being deterred, I took this as an opportunity to explore alternative ways to contribute meaningfully.
I proposed a collaboration between secondary home economics classes and the North Shore Hospice, aiming to create an enduring community project beyond my graduation. This partnership teaches students sewing skills by creating items the hospice needs and demonstrates the impact of collective efforts and the value of giving back. Additionally, the hospice receives ongoing support for palliative care patients. 
I met with my home economics teacher and hospice contact to identify foreseeable challenges, such as fabric supply. To resolve this issue, I
will be conducting fabric drives to obtain the necessary supplies. I will also utilize Sew Awesome as a central platform for providing sewing patterns and managing logistics. From my experience coordinating the Sew Awesome Community during COVID-19, I can utilize my organizational skills towards this new initiative. I've understood that meaningful contributions don't always follow a single laborious path but can be from a simple idea that engages many people.

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