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Currently, there are many patterns for masks and caps that can be used. 

We have included links to patterns that have been suggested by nurses

Medical Gowns

The gown kits are already pre-packaged and just require sewn assembly.  The sewing is basic; however, you should feel comfortable with sewing on sleeves and cuffs.


Surgical Scrub Caps

There are many different cap patterns circulating.  We have included a couple of options, so please choose one that you understand.

Pattern #1 - Scrub Cap

Pattern #1 - 'How To' Video

Pattern #1 - Printable Pattern


Button Placement  - optional but appreciated


Pattern #2 - Scrub Cap



Medical Gowns

PATTERN - Medical Gown

How to sew the cuffs

How to sew on sleeves

The kits do not need to be pre-washed.  I keep them for 3-4 days packaged before distribution.

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